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Avyukta intellicall, a well known name within the field of telecom solutions, has definitely made a distinct segment for itself within the field. A well-placed proof of this fact would be impressive growth of the company’s sales chart! within the ever changing and ever growing telecommunications industry, Avyukta intellicall is one solid name.

Support services provided by a vendor play a vital role when you buy a hosted VoIP dialer. We take care of this thing and always focus on satisfying our customers at every point in time whenever you need us. Not only reactive measures but proactive monitoring is what strives us to be the best value for money vendor across the globe. We provide 24*6 Customer Support by highly-trained engineers to help you configure and solve your issues as soon as possible. Never lose a 100 $ Sale for that 1% difference in VoIP prices.


What we do?

Avyukta Intellicall provides innovative, effective, and top-quality call center Services to customers worldwide. we've Reliable Services, offer a smooth delivery of services from our office in Jaipur, India. Our Predictive Dialer services help all new and old centers to start Quality Center at the most economical price on Capex modes. We provide Quality predictive Dialer both hard and soft, Hosted Solutions, Work From Home call center Solutions, Click to Call and Voice SMS Services to our respective Customers Our solutions are supported by proven industry practices, and provided by the simplest talent available in India.


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Why Choose Us ?

We Are One Of The Leading Providers Of Unlimited Or Retail VOIP Minutes + Hosted Dialer / Cloud Dialer, Predictive / Auto Dialer Software, Customized CRM / MIS / ERP Integrations, IVR / IP PBX.

Single Roofed Solution,Thus no Blame Game

The generic issue with SME centers is a blame game among bandwidth, Dialer vendors, with Avyukta center, attains stability under a single roof.

All Universal Possible Technocommercial Models

Tailor-Made predictive dialer / DOT Approved VOIP packages as per custom customer requirements. Combos with Free Dialer.

A+ Grade DOT Approved VoIP courtesy Welco,Net4,IKF and WorldPhone

Of course, it takes QoS to retain Brand Names such as Pizza Hut, HPCL, Amul, Videocon, Onida, KFC, IOCL, Yum, Getit, Gujrat Tourism, and several others

24x6 Chat/Phone/Email Support

We provide 24x6 support to our centers for any IVR, ACD, and Dialer-related queries.

Free Demo

We provide free live demo rather than singing sales sagas and if we cant satisfy we input more hard work to catch you sooner or later.


In case Post Sales 3rd level Escalations also cannot suffice in worst-case scenarios, we adhere to a 72hrs. Refund Policy on a pro-rata basis.


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